How to bleach your skin naturally

Several factors cause darkening of the skin. Exposing yourself to the sun, fumes, prolonged drying of skin or genetics are some of the factors that lead to darkening of the skin. Bleaching the skin can result in a permanent damage since it has a harsh effect on your skin. There are many ways of bleaching or lightening the skin naturally. You can learn how to bleach your skin naturally by going through this article. The different products used in bleaching and lightening the skin include the following.

Use of Lemons

Lemons have an acidic property hence work as a natural bleach. It has Vitamin C that promotes cell growth and as a result good for skin complexion. You just require a cotton ball and lemon juice. Store-bought lemon juice is the most recommended though you can as well use fresh lemon.

Applying the lemon juice to your face

In a small dish, pour your lemon juice. In the juice, dip a cotton ball. Apply to your face directly. In case you are using fresh lemon, the procedure is cutting and rubbing the freshly cut side in your skin. You should leave it for about one hour

Washing it off and repeating daily

Washing the lemon juice off your face using warm water is done. This lightens the skin. This also prevents the developing of scars.

Wearing sunscreens

The skin becomes sensitive when you use lemon on it every day. Therefore, wear sunscreens when going outside to protect it from UV rays.

Use Oatmeal

It is a substitute for bleaching your skin. Oatmeal helps in exfoliating the skin. This is a process that helps in eradicating the dead skin cells. This results in the growth of new skin which is brighter and lighter.

Creating your mask

In making your mask, you need a pinch of turmeric, drops of lemon and a teaspoonful of oatmeal powder. The oatmeal powder is produced by crushing the oatmeal. Use a tablespoon of raw oats if you do not have a blender. Lemon juice, turmeric powder, and oatmeal powder are mixed in a small bowl. The correct measurements should be used when preparing a mask to be put it on other faces. The ingredients are mixed into a thick paste. The thick paste is then applied to the skin and left for some time to dry.

Scrubbing while you wash it off

You should use warm water to wash the dried mask. Scrub it over the face while washing. The dried oatmeal will exfoliate your skin.